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Chinese-American Tour
April 9, 2022
Yee Fow - A Tour
The Chinese immigrants to California endured more discriminatory laws and taxes than any other ethnic group, but managed to maintain their community in the face of tremendous organized opposition, legal and otherwise.
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September 9, 2023
A Dozen Ways To Die

A Dozen Ways To Die, our annual plunge into the well of strange, wacky, wild and bizarre deaths.

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September 16, 2023
Did You Know?

So you think you know everything about the cemetery? This tour will fill you in on lots you didn’t know, from cemetery history, superintendents and stonemasons, to burial customs and headstone symbolism. Obscure facts about the cemetery from every angle.

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September 23, 2023

Sacramento once had a vibrant and powerful Union culture and a deep pride in labor. Some of our town’s big wigs were union supporters, while others…not so much. Find out why you’re not working a 10-hour work day, and discover unsung heroes of Labor who fought for rights we now take for granted.

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October 7, 2022
Murder Most Foul

These are the stories too dreadful to tell on most tours, the ones too extraordinary and far-fetched to be believed in a movie, the ones, solved or unsolved, that make your jaw drop and cause you to scratch your head. They are also fascinating and dramatic. MATURE CONTENT!

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October 13, 14, 20 & 21, 2023
Lantern Tours

The eternal residents of the "Old City Cemetery" have eyewitness tales of Trouble to tell. Trouble. Which starts with a "T" and that rhymes with "C" and that stands for "Calamity!" Get ready for an enchanting evening at the 2023 Lantern Tours, where we'll guide you through a mesmerizing journey through the cemetery!

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November 4, 2022
Veteran's Day

Join us for a celebration of our local veterans, as we share the latest stories that we’ve uncovered, including true tales of infantrymen, buglers, nurses, married couples that both served, and Civil War vets, from both sides.

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