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Chinese-American Tour
April 9, 2022
Yee Fow - A Tour
The Chinese immigrants to California endured more discriminatory laws and taxes than any other ethnic group, but managed to maintain their community in the face of tremendous organized opposition, legal and otherwise.
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August 13, 2022
Murder & Mayhem
Great juicy and gruesome stories back when Sacramento was the Wild Wild West. Buy Tickets
August 27, 2022
Medicine Bag
Led by our infamous Dr. Bob La Perriere, this tour highlights the many doctors of River City, their practices & roles in the community that found their final resting place here in Old City Cemetery.
September 10, 2022
A Dozen Ways to Die
Weirdest causes of death and the stories behind them!
September 24, 2022
Victorian Symbolism
What do the symbols on a headstone mean? From religious & secular symbols, occupations, Greek Letters, lambs, fingers pointing, angels, books etc. Plus a history of mourning rituals in Victorian times, the wearing of black and expectations of men vs. women in mourning.
October 1, 2022
Drugs in the Old West
From snake oil cures, laudunum, opium, morphine and cocaine addictions, poisons and questionable pharmaceuticals, a look back at elixirs, potions & their use. We’ll give you the dope on true stories of chronic misbehavior.
November 11, 2022
Veterans Day
A general tour covering soldiers in residence from various wars, such as War of 1812, Indian Wars, Spanish American War as well as WW1.