Big Day Of Giving

Did you know that the Sacramento City Cemetery is the oldest city cemetery west of the Mississippi? It is. There are many California's movers and shakers buried here. Those folks are easy to find but there are those that are lesser known here too and they also contributed a great deal to the fabric of our state and deserve to be honored.

Here's where you come in. It's really hard to find our lesser known "eternal residents" at the cemetery. This is our third year with the Big Day of Giving for our Lot Marker Project. Lot markers are like the street address of our ghostly residents. A marker helps family members, visitors and historians find the final resting place for their ancestors or discover a long ago person of mystery residing here. To date with the help of BDOG donors, OCCC has purchased over 850 markers but that only covers about a fifth of the cemetery. It's 30 acres so there's a long way yet to go. Can you help us raise $5000 for 500 more markers? If so, please click the link below to go to our donation page. Also, your donation can go even further if you are a Golden 1 member and use your Golden 1 card. This year Golden has raised their donation from $50K to $100K! OCCC will receive a percentage from Golden 1 added to your donation.


We do this for the love of history and for our cemetery adventurers that had the California pioneer spirit. Thank you for your support. We greatly appreciate any help received.