Resident Elizabeth Mary Avery Died on October 1, 1872.

Elizabeth Mary Avery was born on October 1, 1837, in Marlborough, England. She was the daughter of John Avery and Ann Brown. She was one of 11 children in the family. Elizabeth spent most of her life in England, as a nurse. She had an accident that was a blow to the head, there is no records of the accident, other than the medical records provided by the Stockton State Hospitals which she was committed to twice. The accident happened in 1868 and she attempted suicide in the Summer of 1870.  Then was committed to the Bethlehem Asylum in London England. Which was the 1stasylum for the mentally ill. She had a short stay there from July 1870 to November 1870. Between November 1870 and April 1871, she arrived in Stockton, California. Her older brother William had just gotten married in Oct 1870 to Susannah Anderson.  She was committed to the Stockton State Hospital from April 14, 1871 to July 7th 1871. She was than recommitted on Sept 10, 1872 and died on October 1, 1872.  

She is buried in the Sacramento City Cemetery, with her family in the Avery plot A75, in this plot there is her brother William, and her sister-in-law Susannah Anderson Avery who also died in the month of October.  However, Susannah died on Oct 11, 1885 of continued fever.  Susannah was born on January 3, 1828, in Portsmouth, Ohio.  As stated above she married William on October 11, 1870.  Mary and William had a son named Eugene A. Avery that caused a scandal in their times.  More to come about the Scandal of Eugene A. Avery in May.  

Her grave can be located at

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