Thank you, BIG DAY OF GIVING 2021 Update

We asked for your help during the Big Day of Giving and our members and friends did not let us down!!  With your help, the Old City Cemetery Committee’s Lot Marker Project will be able to purchase not the 500 markers we were shooting for but almost 600! Thanks to your giving, we raised $5975.  We had 82 donors giving an average of $73.  There’s a bonus, we won a Big Day of Giving Prize of $1000 to add another 100 markers.  To help put this in perspective, many of the cemetery sections have 25 lots and some of the bigger sections have close to 100 lots.  Any way one looks at it, we will be able to do many sections with almost 700 markers.  Thank you for your generosity.  And, save the date:  May 5th for next year’s Big Day of Giving event.  Little by little, we will be able to do the whole cemetery.

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